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Own a successful Chinese medicine practice by the beach, in gorgeous Encinitas!

Step into a highly established, 23-year acupuncture practice in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Call or email us today, come by and spend some time with us, and be thriving in a couple of short months.


About Us

Unique opportunity to own a lucrative, half-cash practice in the gorgeous Southern California coastal community of Encinitas.

Acupuncture Continuum Inc. (Acupuncture Continuum), currently the acupuncture practice of Karen Sulger, L.Ac., is in north San Diego County, just a few minutes from the beach. Perfectly located with very low rental costs, the beautiful practice serves the area’s highly health conscious and affluent population. 

Acupuncture Continuum is well established and enjoys a sterling reputation for clinical efficacy. With nearly 25 years in the area, the practice also maintains strong relationships with referring MDs, particularly in the medical complex from which it operates.

Even in the midst of Covid, return business remains consistent and there is a steady influx of new patients. The opportunity to run an abundant practice drawing from a major metropolitan area is available now.

Imagine making $180,000 per year, working three days per week and with plenty of time off for vacation. No additional marketing necessary: the established reputation of this 24-year practice maintains a steady flow of new patients and loyal return patients.

Low overhead (including very low rent), years of records, substantial cash clientele and consistent patient flow mean that a new owner can expect to keep costs low. Add more hours, hire associates, and/or expand marketing, and you have the chance to add even more success to an already prosperous practice.

Whether you are fresh out of school or an experienced clinician, Acupuncture Continuum offers the chance to hit the ground running. This is a turn-key opportunity to run a successful practice in one of the most sought-after, tranquil, prosperous areas in the country. Call or email today, come by and spend some time at the clinic, and see for yourself. As the new owner, you could be thriving in just a few short months.

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Asking $134,678 OBO.


  • The price is based on a conservative professional valuation of just under $140,000, with an average yearly gross of about $180,000 for the past several years.
  • The owner’s motivation to sell in a timely fashion (due to her impending retirement) has allowed her to generously factor in a potential discount for attrition and start-up costs on change of ownership. She expects the right person will retain her patients and transition smoothly, making this a great opportunity for the buyer.
  • The purchase will be structured as an asset purchase agreement and may be drawn up between buyer and seller (preferred) or by attorneys, at the discretion and by agreement of both parties.
  • Approval of the buyer is subject to a credit check, and loans from medical practice brokers, banks, or the Small Business Administration (SBA) may be available to finance the transaction depending on the buyer’s creditworthiness.
  • Upon purchase, the new owner will receive all patient records, furniture and equipment, the large herbal inventory and high-tech Covid safety equipment (including a UV air sanitizer and HEPA air purifier).
  • The current owner will also transfer to the new owner all clinic-related intellectual property, including the clinic phone number, website, claimed Yelp and Facebook pages, AcuBase EHR and billing system, MailChimp email system, email list, and clinic-related financials..
  • The practice currently employs one part-time office manager who expertly bills insurance, markets, schedules and performs many other office tasks. She is an exceptional worker and may be willing to stay on with the practice at the discretion of the new owner.
  • The landlord is willing to transfer the lease (which is amazingly below market) and the current owner will facilitate interaction with the landlord in order to secure favorable lease terms.
  • The current owner’s goal is to surrender the practice by the end of March 2021. She would be willing to stay on for a limited time to train a new owner in her techniques and to assist in the transition, if so desired by the new owner, at no additional cost.

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to run a successful Chinese medicine practice right by the beach! Fill out the contact form below, call (760) 525-1256, or click here to email us today.

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