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Own a highly established, lucrative, low overhead naturopathic practice in beautiful West Seattle

This scalable, extremely well-reputed practice is currently offered at a very friendly price - learn more below! 


About Us

My name is Jeana Kimball, ND, MPH, and after 45 years in healthcare, I’m retiring. I am happy to announce that my practice, Junction Naturopathic Medicine (JNM), is now on the market. This is an opportunity to own a high-net, established practice in gorgeous West Seattle at a very low price. (It’s priced to sell as I am eager to join my husband in retirement – he’s currently spending the season surfing in Puerto Rico). With an affluent and health-conscious population (that is very open to holistic healthcare) and consistent return business, this is an opportunity to own a lucrative, rent-free, scalable practice drawing from a major metropolitan area.

I am currently seeing patients 12 hours per week, taking off 3.5 months per year and netting nearly $60k annually. If you want to earn more, I have multiple, carefully thought-out plans that a new owner (or owners) could follow to bring in over $225k per year at 4 days/week with uncharacteristically low overhead (happy to discuss in person).

JNM’s longtime reputation for excellent care keeps a steady stream of new patients rolling in, and my clientele is very loyal—they will be happy for me to vet the next owner. This is a great situation for anyone reluctant to take on expenses as they’re transitioning into a new practice: my overhead is rock bottom, in large part because I pay no rent (details below).

This is a wonderful opportunity for a practitioner who is just starting out, or multiple practitioners who would like to team up. JNM would also be a great fit for an experienced clinician who would like to enjoy the practice’s established reputation, wonderful Junction location, amazing (“rent free”) space and loyal clientele. I will provide transition support and ensure that you (or you and your business partner) hit the ground running, stepping into this turn-key opportunity smoothly and with as much ease as knowledge as possible. Call or email me to set up an initial phone call; I’d love to hear from you.

Learn much more below. 

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  • Situated on gorgeous Puget Sound, Seattle is surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests, and contains thousands of acres of parkland.
  • Have your cake and eat it too: bountiful nature to enjoy AND a thriving urban economy.
  • Ranked the #1 fastest growing city by the U.S. Census Bureau, Seattle has one of the most vibrant economies in the country and has long been recognized as the business, financial, and cultural center of the Pacific Northwest.
  • The region possesses a critical mass of well-capitalized and innovative companies that are global leaders in industries such as aerospace, biotechnology, global health, research, retail, software, technology, and wireless services.
  • Over 100,000 of Seattle’s total population resides in West Seattle. The area is home to some of the city’s most beautiful parks and has spectacular views and a rich cultural heritage that includes live theater, excellent dining options and a thriving arts community.
  • West Seattleites are known for being politically astute, environmentally conscious, and unabashedly proud of their community, recognized for its green practices, green buildings, and green businesses.
  • The 2,500 square-foot clinic is located in the historic Hamm Building in the heart of the main commercial district of West Seattle, right at a Metro C-Line stop, connecting patients from downtown Seattle.
  • The spacious suite consists of large reception and waiting areas; four clinical offices; a bathroom; a small kitchen, and three smaller rooms. A laundry facility, shared with other tenants, is just outside the office’s back door.
  • Currently, I use one of the mid-sized clinical offices, two are used by mental health counselors, and one by an acupuncturist. Together we form a harmonious, mutually supportive community; it has been lovely for all of us to practice under the same roof.
  • The waiting room is spacious and could be used for group-delivered services, educational programs, and potentially a small yoga or meditation class.
  • The three small rooms are presently used for: 1) infrared sauna; 2) staff shared office lounge with bookcase, medical refrigerator, ND lab kits and general storage; and 3) spare office used by bookkeeper and for nebulizing and overflow nutrient injections. The latter was originally planned to be an IV and “Shot Bar” injection room.

I would love to answer your questions and talk you through this exceptional, turn-key opportunity to run your own high-profit, wonderfully located clinic in a beautiful setting.

Call (206) 937-6747, or email here to set up an initial chat with me today.


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