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Own a low-maintenance acupuncture practice in Phoenix, Arizona

Learn more about this extraordinary opportunity to step into a profitable practice in a gorgeous area, currently offered at a great price!


About Us

Unique opportunity to own a lucrative, high-net practice in one of America’s fastest-growing cities. Longevity Wellness Clinic of Arizona, currently the acupuncture practice of Pamela Robbins, is located on the outskirts of Phoenix. With a health-conscious population and consistent return business, the opportunity to have an abundant practice drawing from a major metropolitan area is available from the moment you step in.

Imagine making over $130,000 per year working just 2-3 days per week with up to a month off for vacation each year. No marketing necessary—the reputation of this practice keeps a steady flow of new patients streaming in.

Low overhead and consistent patient flow mean you’ll continue to keep your costs predictably low. Add more hours, do some marketing, and/or sublease some of your space, and you have the chance to add even more success to an already prosperous practice..

Whether you are a practitioner who is just starting out or an established clinician with some years under your belt, Longevity Wellness offers you the chance to hit the ground running. Step into this rare, once-in-a-lifetime, turn-key opportunity to run the practice of your dreams in one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Call or email us today, come by and spend some time with us, and be thriving by in a couple of short months.  

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  • The City of Chandler is located just a few minutes south of Phoenix and is part of the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area.
  • It has a population of just over 250,000, with easy access to almost 5 million more who live in the Phoenix Metro.
  • Chandler is one of the fastest growing innovation and technology centers in the nation.
  • The city is a vibrant, diverse, fiscally responsible community with a supportive business climate that attracts global industry leaders, exciting startups, talented workers and their families.
  • In addition to being a great place to live, work and play, local hotels, resorts, golf courses, restaurants and ample shopping opportunities make Chandler one of Arizona's great vacation spots.
  • Being just south of Phoenix means this practice draws from the fifth-largest city in the country, with easy access to all of its arts, culture and recreation.
  • The clinic is part of a larger office park with 20-30 other offices mixing business and healthcare professionals.
  • The space itself consists of a reception area, doctor/staff space, 2 treatment rooms, bathrooms, and plenty of storage. Parking is abundant and free.
  • The office is modern and tastefully decorated, and the clinic maintains a close relationship with nearby health providers and the local community, from which it receives many referrals.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to step into a turn-key practice in a gorgeous area! Call (907) 978-6920, or click here to email us today.


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