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Unique opportunity to
own an amazing chiropractic practice on the Oregon coast.

Step into this rare, once-in-a-lifetime, turn-key opportunity to run the practice of your dreams. Call or email us today, come by and spend some time with us, and be thriving in a couple of short months!


About Us

Pacific Way Wellness Center LLC (Pacific Way), currently the chiropractic practice of Theodosia Woods, is located in the coastal oasis of Gearhart. With an active and health-conscious population and consistent return business for decades, the opportunity to have an abundant practice in a vacation wonderland is available from the moment you step in. 


Imagine living where city dwellers come to relax, while making $200,000+ per year working 4 days per week, with 3-day weekends and up to six weeks off. No marketing necessary--the reputation of this practice keeps a steady flow of new patients streaming in. Low overhead, years of records, and consistent patient flow mean you’ll continue to keep your costs predictably low. 

Add more hours, hire an associate, and/or sublease some of your space, and you have the chance to add even more success to an already thriving practice. Take over our multi-year lease in a space large and flexible enough for you to create the practice of your dreams.

Whether you are a practitioner who is just starting out, or an established clinician with some years under your belt, Pacific Way offers you the chance to hit the ground running.


Step into this rare, once-in-a-lifetime, turn-key opportunity to run the practice of your dreams in one of the most beautiful, sought-after areas in the country. Call or email us today, come by and spend some time with us, and be prospering by the beginning of the summer.


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  • Gearhart is located just a few miles north of Seaside, 15 miles from the county seat of Astoria, and 75 miles west of Portland. The town has one traffic light, wide streets, charming antiques and home and garden shops, and the northwest’s oldest golf course. 
  • The clinic is located just off of Highway 101, the main thoroughfare on the Oregon coast. The practice draws patients from as far away as Washington (20 miles north).
  • The office itself is in a mixed-use building, has plenty of parking, and consists of three treatment rooms, a reception area, and a bathroom.
  • The treatment rooms include one large room overlooking a courtyard; a massage room; and a third room that is currently used as a back office/staff space. There is a large closet for office supplies and charts, a clinical library, and a small refrigerator.
  • The office has several stained glass windows, a sunny deck off of the main treatment room, and tasteful, well-thought-out furnishings.
  • The landlord keeps the building in good repair, with drywall, electric, and plumbing completely all refurbished in 2007.

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to run your own high-profit, low-maintenance clinic. Fill out the contact form below, call (503) 738-9796, or email [email protected] today.

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