Some Tips on Sustaining A Full Medical Practice

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Why Are We Giving This Course?

Whether you plan to sell a medical practice or buy one, the fact is that you want to keep your practice cooking right up to and well after the practice changes hands. Many of our clients have requested tips on how to do it. 

With this in mind, we've decided to share this video made by Selling A Practice's Jason Luban and Brooks Wiley, an expert on Search Engine Optimization. We're excited to share our unusual methods with you.

More On The Video

There are several keys to knowing how to go about keeping a practice brimming with new patients, and we believe the right methods can be learned in just a couple of hours. We've been studying the habits of the most effective, and thriving, practitioners for 15 years, and our course instructor's practice has been full for several years as well.

What have we learned, from the inside out?

That having a decent online presence, attending early morning networking meetings, and going cold into doctors' offices will only go so far.

The path to a full practice lays not in what you do outside of the office, but what happens within it.

One key is to create a feedback loop between your referral sources and your patients, and, ultimately, to have your patients be responsible for 90% of your referrals.

This is just one of the many points we'll expand upon in this short but impactful course.

Did You Know...... the largest and highest grossing acupuncture practice in the United States is located in a town of 7,000 people in Washington State?

The Economy Has Little To Do With Your Success. Nor Does The Size of Your Town or The Number of Practitioners Near You.

As successful acupuncturists in an area with the greatest density of practitioners in the United States, we've heard all the excuses. We used to recite them ourselves.

But the fact is, whether you live in Los Angeles or Las Cruces, there's no good excuse for having anything but a thriving practice.

Hard-Won, Real-World Knowledge From Practitioners, Not Lecturers

It's taken many years, many courses on practice management, and many mistakes in our own practices before we distilled out what we believe are the true keys to a successful practice.

In this fun, experiential, multi-media seminar, we'll share immediately applicable techniques that will fit easily into your routine, including:

  • The Rule of 3: Break down the amount of outreach you need based on how busy you are.
  • Focused Messages: Zero in on the needs of your referral sources.
  • Website SEO: Understand the real secrets to Search Engine Optimization and what puts your website above the rest.
  • Well-formed Outcomes: Set measurable practice goals that you can meet...and much more!

Refresh Your Practice...

...through this fun, experiential, practitioner-focused class combining real-world marketing from outside the clinic with hard-won clinical wisdom from within it.

You'll get powerful results, including a consistently full practice, a more satisfying experience with your patients, and reduced burnout.

This class will make you more successful in your work, and will make your life easier in and out of the clinic.

About the Instructors

Jason Luban, MS, LAc, is a California-licensed acupuncturist and NCCAOM Diplomate and has been in private practice in the Bay Area since 1997, with a full practice for the past six years. He has spent much of the last 20 years seeking out and modeling practitioners who have thriving practices, and his key finding is that what practitioners do inside their offices matters much more than their formal marketing outside of it.

Jason was also the Founder and Chief Geek at Trigram Software (makers of AcuBase practice management software), where he consistently consulted with clinicians from around the country on how they run their practices, for better and for worse. He sold Trigram several years ago so that he could better pursue his true passion of medical practice and teaching.

Brooks Wiley is an expert on search engine optimization, the art and science of getting your website to the top of Google and other search engine listings. He'll teach you the five most important things you need to know for your site to come up on top when potential patients search for you online, as well as providing great tips on how to manage your online reputation.

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