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We're practitioners, not brokers. Our mission is to help our colleagues buy or sell their practices without getting screwed by brokers or anyone else. We want you to get all the information you need to make sound decisions so that you can have the time and freedom to focus on more important things. Sounds corny, but there you have it.

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Most brokers average 1.5 years to sell only 15% of their listings. In contrast, here are our stats to July 2024...

Customers served! 1 Clients served
Customers served! 1 months Average Time to Sell
Customers served! 1 % Successful Sale Rate
Customers served! $ 1 Average Sale Across Modalities

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How to Sell a Medical Practice

  • 1 - Preparation

  • 2 - Valuation

  • 3 - Marketing

  • 4 - Negotiation

  • 5 - Contracts

  • 6 - Transition

You need to get your ducks in a row before you can sell your practice. We can help get your financials in order and have the right questions answered for you and your potential buyers.

How To Sell A Medical Practice

Step 1: Preparation

You need to get your ducks in a row before you can sell your practice. We can help get your financials in order and have the right questions answered for you and your potential buyers.

Step 2: Valuation

The true value of a practice isn't just a simple formula; rather, the value of a practice is what someone is willing to pay. We know how to value practices and set the right price. Try our free valuation calculator now.

Step 3: Find A Buyer

Simply putting your practice up on a website and waiting won't cut it. Most buyers aren't looking. They need to have an opportunity brought to them. We use unique methods to find that needle in the haystack. 

Step 4: Negotiate

Most buyers will not pay your asking price, no matter how low you set it. Negotiating the terms of the deal is an art, and you need someone who can see all the angles. That's where we come in.

Step 5: Contracts

Your purchase contract needs to reflect the uniqueness of your practice. It's a straight-forward process when done correctly, and it doesn't have to cost much. Let us help create a contract that's right for you.

Step 6: Seal the Deal

Transitioning a buyer into your practice is a delicate process for you, your patients, and your employees. Click here for proven strategies that work to reduce attrition and ensure a smooth hand-off. 

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