Each of the big-picture subjects covered herein have many smaller steps to them, and we have written articles related to many aspects of the process, and even created a groovy infographic on the process. Check out some of the following free resources here on our website. You can also download some or all of the PDFs referenced in the articles by clicking here.


Preparing To Sell

You need to get organized before you can sell your medical practice. Learn what you need to do through our pre-sale checklist, and have the right questions answered before you sell.



Practice Valuation

The true value of a practice isn't a simple formula; rather, it's what a buyer is willing to pay. Learn about the different standards of valuing a practice and how to set the right price.



Finding A Buyer

Simply listing your practice for sale on a website doesn't get you a buyer. Learn the dos and don'ts of and some unique methods to find that needle in the haystack, the perfect person to take over.



Creating A Sales Contract

Your purchase contract needs to reflect the uniqueness of your practice. Asset or Entity sale? How much will be paid up-front? What about employees? Learn some of the key questions to ask in order to create a contract that's right for you.




Transitioning After The Sale

Transitioning a buyer into a practice is a delicate process for you, your patients, and employees. Click here for some proven strategies that work to reduce attrition and ensure a smooth hand-off.