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Preparing To Sell

You need to get organized before you can sell your medical practice. Learn what you need to do through our pre-sale checklist, and have the right questions answered before you sell.

Consider These Three Things Before You Sell Your Practice

Whether you are just considering selling your practice and are curious about what you might need to do, or you are ready to go for it and need to know where to start, you’re in the right place.

A Medical Practice Pre-Sale To Do List

The more time you have to prepare your practice for sale, the more attractive it will appear to a buyer, and the more options you will have for correct marketing to find the perfect buyer.

Why An Executive Summary Is Essential To Sell Your Practice

What you are doing with an executive summary is keeping your potential buyer's attention by leading them through a series of facts that make their decision to buy your practice seem like a very good decision indeed.

Jason Luban and Brooks Wiley describe how to keep a full medical practice.

Video: Getting Your Practice Humming Before The Sale

Whether you plan to sell a medical practice or buy one, the fact is that you want to keep your practice cooking right up to and well after the practice changes hands. Many of our clients have requested tips on how to do it.


Practice Valuation

The true value of a practice isn't a simple formula; rather, it's what a buyer is willing to pay. Learn about the different standards of valuing a practice and how to set the right price.

The Be-All, End-All Post on Medical Practice Valuation

In the process of researching medical practice valuation, you are likely to find that there are a number of “experts” out there who will tell you that they have a formula they use related to your income and expenses, and they may try to make the process opaque. It need not be all that complicated.

Try Our Free Medical Practice Valuation Calculator

This calculator was developed to help you get an idea of where an official valuation might land if you were to get one. However, a good valuator will dive deeper than the information found here, so do not use this calculator as an official valuation for your practice. 


Finding A Buyer

Simply listing your practice for sale on a website doesn't get you a buyer. Learn the dos and don'ts of and some unique methods to find that needle in the haystack, the perfect person to take over.

A Complete Guide to Finding A Buyer for Your Medical Practice

Why is it that so many people have a hard time finding a good buyer for their medical practice and consummating the sale?

Five Essential Steps To Take Before Speaking With A Potential Buyer

While a lot of people choose to just wing it on their first calls, we prefer to hew close to that old saying that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. 

A Medical Practice Pre-Sale To Do List

If you have ever bought something big, like a house or a car, you know how important it is that you check out every possible thing that could go wrong, to be sure you aren’t missing something that could come back to bite you later. With the complexity of the purchase and sale of a medical practice, the same is true. 



Creating A Sales Contract

Your purchase contract needs to reflect the uniqueness of your practice. Asset or Entity sale? How much will be paid up-front? What about employees? Learn some of the key questions to ask in order to create a contract that's right for you.

Five Essential Questions To Ask Before Creating A Sales Contract

Creating a sales contract is a complex process that requires the answers to many important questions. So rather than just showing you what a contract can and should look like (which is basically impossible given that each deal is unique), we’ll instead go over many of the most important considerations that need to be dealt with in order to put together a solid contract for the sale of a medical practice.

Asset Versus Entity Sales: Three Things To Consider

If you’re considering buying or selling a medical practice and want to know which type of sale is most appropriate for you, it’s important that you (1) understand what assets are; (2) how liability pertains to each kind of sale; and (3) get to know the tax consequences of an asset vs. entity sale.

Understanding the potential tax consequences of an Asset Versus an Entity Sale.

A major consideration when choosing how you will organize your sale is to know something about the tax consequences of each kind of sale. 

Picture of railroad tracks coming together, representing the transition after the sale of a medical practice.

The Two Types of Payment Arrangements. Which Should You Choose?

In order to balance the risks of installment payments, there are many things you can consider doing before the sale and as part of your sales contract. What follows are some of our most important recommendations.

Goodwill In The Sale of a Medical Practice

Given that goodwill is intangible (not a real thing you can objectively see or touch), it is often the part of the valuation equation that is most difficult to calculate. That said, with the sale of a medical practice, in the final analysis, it often accounts for the largest amount of the value of the business.

Non-Competition Agreements

The terms of a non-compete can be a point of contention, a point of negotiation. You can negotiate the length of time, the distance, and/or the actual specialty or kinds of patients seen.

Liability in the Sale of a Medical Practice

The degree to which the buyer of a medical practice takes on the liabilities of a practice depends to a large extent upon what type of sale you are doing.

How To Protect Yourself As A Seller Before You Sign A Sales Contract

Until you have all of the money for the sale of your practice in-hand, there always exists the risk that the buyer could walk away before the payment period is over.

Transitioning After the Sale

Transitioning a buyer into a practice is a delicate process for you, your patients, and employees. Click here for some proven strategies that work to reduce attrition and ensure a smooth hand-off.

Learn The Secrets of a Smooth Transition After The Sale

Keeping the business humming through the transition from one owner to another is in the best interests of both parties.

Staying organized when selling a medical practice

How to Stay Organized During The Transition

The purpose of this post is to assist you in answering those very questions by explaining what we advise in respect to staying organized and effective through the transition.

Jason Luban and Brooks Wiley describe how to keep a full medical practice.

Video: Keep Your Practice Going Strong Before & After The Sale

Whether you plan to sell a medical practice or buy one, the fact is that you want to keep your practice cooking right up to and well after the practice changes hands. Many of our clients have requested tips on how to do it.

What Happens To Employees When You Sell Your Practice?

If employees are a key part of the success of the practice, their future will also play an important part of the sale of the practice.

Working After The Sale of Your Practice

Deciding whether or not a seller stays with the business as an employee, independent contractor, at-will employee, and/or working for free is a big decision. Much rides on the way these agreements are put into a sales contract, both from a liability perspective and the view of the IRS.